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Kenanow Lodge
The best and most personalized fishing experiences available in Manitoba. Experience the beauty of our countryside, the quality of our fishing and discover the Kenanow difference. Kississing Lake is approximately 25 miles by 25 miles and dotted with hundreds of islands and reefs, surrounded by some of the most beautiful country you will probably ever see. The East side of the lake is deep and holds great numbers of Lake Trout. The rest of the lake abounds with Northern Pike and Walleye.


Full Service, Drive-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Brook Trout, Perch

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Other Information
Dates Open : All Year

Lake or Area Name : Kississing Lake, Manitoba

At any time you can see bald eagles, ducks, loons, geese, gulls, pelicans, and many other types of birds on or hovering over the lake. Bear, moose, and caribou are regularly sighted, along with many other fur bearing animals.

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Northern Pike - Locally nicknamed jack, they typically run 4 to 7 pounds, but are found up to 20 or more pounds. A "trophy" northern pike is 41" or longer. Found in great abundance on Kississing Lake, northern pike strike aggressively. Casting into shallows or in weed beds is the most typical way to go after them, but it's not unusual to get good strikes when casting or jigging for walleye. Highly territorial, pound for pound, they're great fighters. Within a few days (or if you're lucky, a few hours) on the lake, you should get a fairly good education on dealing with them. All northern pike 30" and over must be released.

Lake Trout - Also typically 4 to 7 pounds, but found up to 20 or more pounds, a "trophy" lake trout is 35" or longer. Bringing a good size lake trout up from the bottom is an experience few fishermen ever forget. During most of the fishing season they're found in deep waters by jigging or trolling (downriggers may help). Once he's got one hooked a fisherman faces a patient and often difficult struggle against a very strong opponent, as a trout effectively turns its body in the deep, open water to avoid advances. While sometimes difficult to locate, trout generally are found in schools. All lake trout 26" and over must be released.

Walleye - Locally nicknamed pickerel, but actually in the perch family, walleye typically run from one to 2.5 pounds, but are found up to 10 or more pounds. A "trophy" walleye is 28" or longer. Walleye can at times be hard to find, but when you do find them, you'll usually get excellent action for a period of time, as they're very much school fish. All walleye 22" and over must be released.

Whitefish - Typically one to 4 pounds, but found up to 10 pounds, a "trophy" whitefish is 21 inches. Few if any fishermen go after whitefish on Kississing Lake, and they're not caught in great numbers, but it is a rare trip to Kississing Lake when none are caught. Some fishermen save them and use their bellies as a favorite bait for jigging for lake trout.

Burbot - Locally nicknamed mariah, the burbot is a freshwater cod, a bottom fish, typically one to four pounds, occasionally seen up to 10 or more pounds. No one is known to fish for them, but they are occasionally brought up when fishing in deep water for lake trout. Some fishermen will actually cut their lines rather than handle, them due to their strange appearance and exceedingly oily skin.

Perch - Kississing Lake has an abundance of perch, which often turn up when you're fishing for walleye or northern pike. Sometimes it's amazing how a very large hook can find its way into the mouth of a very small fish, but expect to catch at least a few perch on a trip to Kississing Lake.

Shore Lunch - To most of our guest, other than the moments of catching the 'big ones', the most memorable part of the trip is Shore Lunch. We pull off to one of a number of accommodating islands on the lake, and prepare a daily feast of fish caught that morning. Typically the meal consists of our secret recipe seasoned fish, fried potatoes with onions and mushrooms, canned baked beans, corn and Kenanow's famous tartar sauce. Some of our guests like to add their own special preparations to the meal. While the guides prepare lunch, some guests like to fish off the island, or even take a swim during the warmer months, take a nap, or explore the island for wildlife. Most just relax and enjoy a delicious lunch. Our presence on the island always attracts a great gathering of gulls and pelicans, whiskey Jacks, squirrels, waiting not too patiently for us to leave.

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