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Jon's Guide Service
Jon Bondy operates Jon's Guide Service and is recognized as one of the premier full time multi-species fishing guides in the Windsor-Detroit area. His extensive time on the water, 200+ days a year, combined with his understanding of yearly fish movements and habits will help you get on fish fast.


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Lake or Area Name : Lake St.Clair, Ontario

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The Detroit River, with its many islands, channels and drop offs provide anglers with quite a few options during the annual walleye run. Jon specializes in vertical jigging using light tackle to wrestle the fish up from the bottom. The typical technique is to drift down with the current along drops and edges while hopping or holding your jig just inches above the bottom. The strong flow of the river allows you to cover a large area in a short period of time and then focus in on the key spots.

The Detroit Rover is legendary when it comes to fishing for big musky. With such an incredible forage base, these fish are on constant search and destroy missions looking for food. As with other popular musky waters, the big ones can be caught just about anywhere and there are few hard and fast rules. The Detroit River especially is very unique and the possibilities are endless as far as different techniques employed. Book with Jon and he will show you his incredible new deep water jigging with the 7 oz Bondy Bait. The best time for catching them with techniques other than trolling, is June/July and Oct/Nov/Dec.

Most of the musky fishing done in this area is trolling, mainly on St.Clair, but Jon is one of the rare anglers in these parts who casts and jigs for them. There is something special about a giant following your lure up to the boat trying to eat a lure that you manipulated with a rod and reel, rather than one being pulled behind a boat. Just about every make of musky bait will catch them, but bucktails and jerks get the job done most often. Learn Jon's innovative new jigging technique!

Lake St.Clair and smallmouth go together like peanut butter and jam. There simply is no place in the country so close to an urban center that can produce the quality and quantity of bass like this area does. The distinct geological and climatic conditions that are prevalent in this part of the country come togther to produce a fishery that is so prolific, that even the locals continue to be amazed by the numbers and size of not only bass, but of all species of fish that call this lake home.

Lake St.Clair has a great population of largemouth bass as well, although they take a back seat in popularity to smallmouth. A good portion of St.Clair is wetland and marsh, especially on the east side, and these areas hold good numbers of these green monsters. Typical shallow water largemouth techniques work best, especially flipping, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits. Smallmouth usually dominate tournaments in this area, but Jon will sometimes target largemouth because most people won't bother with them. If you just want to become a better largemouth fisherman, booking a day with Jon would be very beneficial.

Just about the time the walleye season starts winding down, the white bass move into the river out of Erie. This is one of the most outstanding, yet underutilized fishing opportunities in the river. Anglers visiting around the end of May to early June can expect to catch white bass by the hundreds. They are ferocious feeders, often striking full size bass baits. They can be found from the surface down to 40 ft or more and closely resemble striped bass in body shape and feeding style. For anglers new to the sport, they are a great fish to target in that they will keep your interest.

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Jon's Guide Service, Lake St.Clair, Smallmouth Bass,Fishing Lake St.Clair, Lake St.Claire, Detroit River, Guide on Lake St.Clair, Jon's Guide Service, Musky, Muskie, white , Lake St.Clair, Ontario , Drive-in, Guides, Charter Boat and , Drive-in, Guides, Charter Boat , Most of the musky fishing done in this area is trolling, mainly on St.Clair, but Jon is one of the rare anglers in these parts who casts and jigs for them.



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