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300 County Road 75
Meeker ,  CO
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300 County Road 75
Meeker  , CO
Phone :  (970) 878-4749
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JML Outfitters
JML Outfittersis a year-round outfitting service that offers activities such as fishing, trail rides, photography, leaf-peeping, cross country pack trips, drop camps, hunting, and wildlife viewing for all ages. Elk and Mule Deer hunting in the White River National Forest Flat Tops, home of the largest elk herd in North America


Drive-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Grouse


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Lake or Area Name : Meeker, Colorado

JML is in unit 24 roughly 30 miles east of Meeker, CO, gateway to the White River. Home base for JML is a private cabin adjoining the forest, close to the flattops Wilderness area.

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The White River National Forest is famous for its outstanding recreational opportunities, particularly hunting and fishing. At the top of the list has always been hunting the flattops elk herd, best in the nation.

All hunting is done from drop camps located in or near the flattops. The cabin is at 7600 feet, camps are at up to 10,500 feet. The terrain is rugged: steep mountains, rockslides, and lots of black timber with small, mid-sized, and large open parks. Weather during rifle season is usually cold and snowy, days may be quite comfortable, but nights are always bitter cold.

JML provides pack-in "drop" camps, each with its own hunting area, located primarily for proximity to known elk trails. Tents have a 5' walls, and are furnished with a stove for heat. A starter supply of wood is stacked in the tent. There are no horses in camp -- all hunting is done on foot from the camps. Camps are limited to 4-6 hunters.

All rifle hunts are 5-day hunts, beginning opening day and lasting through noon of the following Wednesday. Pack-in dates are 2-3 days before opening day, so all hunters have time to scout and acclimate to the area.

Archery and muzzleloading hunts are usually for 7 days, but are always tailored to the group.

Our hunters enjoy above average success. Both deer and elk are available within easy walking distance of the camps. Our packers visit the camps on a regular basis, and the animals are packed out as time and weather permit. The four point restriction for elk has been in effect since 1985, so we have a large, mature herd. This, plus mild to average winters since 1983, has helped improve an already great hunting area.

JML has drop camps during archery, muzzleloading and the four rifle seasons. Space in limited to approximately 24 hunters per season. Reservations are taken on a first come basis and must be accompanied by a 50% deposit.

JML is a family business that has been outfitting in this area since 1961. Your requests for information and/or references are welcomed, and we are available by phone most nights.

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Meeker, Colorado, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Grouse, Drive-in, Guides, JML Outfitters , Meeker, Colorado , Drive-in, Guides and Black Bear, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Grouse , Drive-in, Guides , The White River Valley has 111 miles of streams and 757 acres of natural lakes.Take your pick of Cutthroats, Brook, or Rainbow trout from Big Fish Lake where record seven pound fish have been taken. Enjoy Brook or Rainbow trout from Bailey Lake which is self sustaining, or the beautiful Swede Lake. Hunting for Elk and Deer in Colorado.



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