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Indian Head Resort Inc.
Indianhead camp is a new lodge, only five years old, it is a family run lodge. We have full service. We operate out of Fort McMurray, Alberta. we operate cessna caravans. the biggest lake trout caught was 71 lbs. our season is early june to late sept.


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Fishing Available:
Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Walleye

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Other Information
Dates Open : June - September

Lake or Area Name : Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan

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Indian Head Camp Sport Fishing is named after a unique rock formation found on Stewart Island that clearly shows the profile of an Indian head. When you look at the formation you can't help but imagining yourself sitting by a campfire whose fragrant pine scented smoke gently permeates the air and a scene of an endless wilderness encompassing a pristine lake so large that the opposite shore line cannot be seen.

Based on Stuart Island on the northeast shores of Lake Athabasca in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada and situated in the heart of the Canadian Shield, this breathtakingly large and beautiful lake is over 280 miles in length and stretches from the eastern part of Saskatchewan well into the province of Alberta. With an average width of 40 miles and depths exceeding 400 feet, Lake Athabasca is also an integral part of the MacKenzie Delta, the third largest delta in the world and home to a wilderness famous for its history and unforgettable sights.

Lake Athabasca is an absolutely large and beautiful lake that is surrounded by a wide array of breathtaking scenes and points of interests that can only add to a truly unforgettable sport fishing experience. The lake is over 280 miles in length and stretches from the far northwestern part of Saskatchewan and well into Alberta. It has an average width of 40 miles, depths exceeding 400 feet and is an integral part of the MacKenzie Delta, the third largest delta in the world.

The region is famous for it’s fur trading history and exceptional populations of indigenous wildlife, fish and birds. The rugged granite of the Canadian shield forms the northern shores of the lake and northern boreal forests laced with numerous waterways, lakes and rivers comprise the southern shores. Our location is in a remote region that has wilderness scenes that are breathtaking and unforgettable. It is the perfect setting for the ultimate sport fishing adventure and experience.

Our main lodge and guest cabins, located on Stewart Island in the eastern region of Lake Athabasca, were designed and constructed to compliment the natural ambience of the surrounding wilderness and region.

The lodge features inviting leisure and recreation areas that encourage relaxation and enjoyment of the panoramic views of the lake and northern forests and most important, the pleasure of companionship with friends and fellow fishermen. A large deck enables you to enjoy the freshness of the outdoors, the sounds of the wilderness, wildlife and waves of the lake lapping up on the shore.

The dining area is large and spacious and features hearty home cooked meals served by friendly and personable staff. A large breakfast and dinner are prepared daily. You have the option of having either a shore lunch prepared for you or returning to the lodge for lunch. The choice is yours.

The Lodge has six double occupancy rooms and three double occupancy guest cabins. Each of the Lodge and guest cabin rooms are furnished with two single beds, and night stand and equipped with their own sink and toilet. In the Lodge is a six-stall common shower room for you to wash off the rigors of the day. Housekeeping services, fresh bedding and towels are provided daily for our guests.

You can choose to sit in the leisure area to share the fishing experiences of the day with new acquaintances and friends, play a game of pool in the recreation room or sit on the deck and trade fishing techniques and secrets with others. The lodge is yours to enjoy and designed to insure your time here with us is both pleasant and worthwhile.

By now you may have figured out what sets the Indian Head Camp Sport Fishing apart and in a class of its’ own from the great majority of the other fishing lodges. The secret lies in the fact that the Indian Head Camp Sport Fishing is strategically situated in the heart of a sports fishing paradise, Lake Athabasca, which is home to record setting trophy fish.

The heart of our secret and what makes us so exclusive is the fact that Lake Athabasca has consistently produced record setting trophy fish over the years for many of the species indigenous to the lakes and waterways of northern Canada.

For example, in the 1960’s the largest recorded lake trout ever caught that weighed 102 pounds was landed by commercial fishermen. As recently as the summer of 2001, a guest of our lodge successfully reeled in a lake trout weighing 71 pounds. It is not uncommon for this lake to surrender monstrous pike that top 40 pounds. Many of our guest sport fishermen have landed pike weighing in the 20 to 35 pound range.

If you are looking for the ultimate sport fishing challenge and really want to test your fishing skills then come and try to catch one of these trophy fish that Lake Athabasca is famous for. Catching a trophy fish out of this lake would be a thrilling sport fishing experience that you will never forget.

Visit: Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan

Indian Head Camp, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Stewart Island, Lake Athabasca, Fishing Lodge, Harper Lake, Saskatchewan , Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides and , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides , Indian Head Camp is located on Stewart Island on the northeast shores of Lake Athabasca. Flights on our Turbo Prop Cessna Caravan air craft depart from Fort McMurray, Alberta to Uranium City, Saskatchewan.



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