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Hidden Valley Outfitters
Offering guided rifle and archery hunts in Montana on 100,000 acres of private property with lodging and meals included. TV hosts Babe Winkelman and Mossy Oak camera crew hunted with us in 2002.


Full Service, Drive-in, Guides, Fly-in

Fishing Available:

Hunting Available:
Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Antelope, Grouse, Wild Turkey, Prairie Dogs


Other Information
Dates Open : September to December

Lake or Area Name : Montana

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Archery Deer & Antelope - This is an excellent hunt for the bowhunter enthusiast to take part in. With the help of pre-season scouting and some of the best deer country in Eastern Montana, we pattern our deer to and from their bedding and feeding areas, thus enabling us with the aid of pits, stands, blinds, decoys and/or stalking to get you within range. Quite often we will see three or more mature bucks traveling together during bow season. The antelope hunt is much like the deer hunt except we do more decoying and stalking to bring the mature herd bucks in close enough for a good shot. Often during the rut a buck will come to within 10 yards or even attempt to run you and the decoy over. This can be one of the most exciting and unforgettable hunts you will ever encounter.

THE RIVER RANCH ARCHERY HUNT - Mule Deer/Whitetail Deer and Antelope Combo. Hunt (guaranteed licenses for both) This hunt takes place in southeastern Montana on a private 18,000 acre ranch. You will have an opportunity to hunt either whitetail or mule deer and antelope. You will be hunting from tree stands, blinds or spot and stalk methods. Whitetails range in size from 110-160 P.Y. plus and mule deer range in size from 120-180 P.Y. plus. Past hunters have had 300% opportunity and many pass ups at animals in these categories and an amazing 83 % success rate. You will see 75-100 whitetails, 35-50 mule deer, and 100-150 antelope daily. You will be hunting along the river bottoms with brush and large cottonwood trees surrounding irrigated fields of alfalfa hay.

THE BADLANDS RANCH ARCHERY HUNT - Mule Deer and Antelope Combo. Hunt (guaranteed licenses for both) This hunt takes place in eastern Montana on a private 50,000 acre ranch. You will have an opportunity to hunt mule deer and antelope. You will be hunting using blinds and spot and stalk methods. Mule deer range in size from 120-180 P.Y. and antelope 60-80 P.Y. Past hunters have had 400% opportunity many pass ups and a 55% success rate. You will see 25-50 mule deer and 75-100 antelope daily. You will be hunting canyons, breaks , badlands and tree covered hills over looking fields of hay.

How Tough Are Our Hunts? - On our hunts you will be staying right at the ranch house with us. You will have hot showers and eat home style meals with our family. For those wanting to stay closer to the night-life a newer local Motel is also close at hand for your use, with restaurants, bars and casinos available. The use of private property, 4-wheel drive trucks, preseason scouting, knowledgeable guides, plentiful game, and the kind of country we hunt, most of the hunts are not real physically demanding. We have guided clients in their teens to in their 70's and have had very good success. Anyone under 18 must submit proof verifying they have completed a safe handling firearms course. Anyone having special needs will be matched up with the right guide. The pace of the hunt will be geared to accommodate you on your western hunt.

Rifle Mule Deer - Our Mule Deer hunts take place on very large private ranches. The terrain varies from dry, rolling grasslands up to rough canyons with cuts and pockets of brush and trees. There are also open fields of grain and meadows of hay that lead up to patchy and heavy pine and cedar trees providing cover for the deer during hot Fall afternoons. On this hunt you will often see 20 to 50 deer daily. Success rate is about 90% with the outside spread on the antlers between 22-30 inches with 22-26 being about average.

Rifle Antelope - Here is a western big game hunt that everyone must do at least once. The early October weather offers lots of fun and action at an affordable price. The country we hunt in Eastern Montana produces some of the largest horned antelope in the state. The average is just over 14 inches and bucks 15 and even over 16 inches have been taken every year. You will often see 100 to 300 antelope daily and success rate runs 90%-100% on these hunts.

Combination Rifle Mule Deer & Antelope - This is a great first time hunt with lots of action and high success for both species. This hunt is very similar to our Mule Deer and Antelope hunts except we combine the two together for a very affordable hunt. This is your opportunity to take two North American Big Game animals in one trip. Our success rate runs 80-100% on deer between 16 to 24 inches and antelope 12 to 14 inches.

Rifle Whitetail Deer - Hidden Valley Outfitters Whitetail deer hunts take place on some of Eastern Montana's finest whitetail country. The land is characterized by river bottoms with large hay and grain fields leading up to dry, rough, rolling grasslands with broken patches of trees and brush spread throughout the hills. The best time to hunt our big bucks is during the November rut. Thus enabling us to use our binoculars to locate your buck and then stalking to within range or jumping the deer from a bedded area. Success is high for bucks with 16-22 inch outside spreads, scoring 120-160 B.C. points. This hunt is a great chance to get that trophy whitetail of a lifetime.

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Hidden Valley Outfitters, Fishing Lodge, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Antelope, Grouse, Wild Turkey, Prairie Dogs, Montana , Montana , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides, Fly-in and Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Antelope, Grouse, Wild Turkey, Prairie Dogs , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides, Fly-in , Hidden Valley Hunting Lodge pecializes in Mule Deer, Antelope and Whitetail Deer hunts. Located in EASTERN MONTANA, our hunts take place on PRIVATE PROPERTY, offering you a high percentage of success of taking a Trophy animal.



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