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Hammertime Guide Service
Original established in 1978, Davy Crockett Guide Service and the Alamo Lodge provide Arkansas Duck and Goose hunts. We primarily hunt private ground, including private green timber. Green timber hunts are also available on state owned WMA's on request.


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Dates Open : Mid November through late January

Lake or Area Name : Northeast Arkansas Delta

Pit leases by day week or season with out guides are available.

With 27 sleeping units, each with two full size beds, private bathroom and cable TV, the Alamo Lodge offers excellent accommodations and features a 2000 sq. ft. lodge hall, complete with fireplace, pool and foozball tables, a card and TV area and all meals are served buffet style from our custom jon boat.

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As we neared the opening day of duck season last November, this region of Northeast Arkansas had already experienced two major floods in the Black and Cache River flood ways. There was more water than I can remember ever seeing for that time of year and I couldn’t tell you when the last time was we had experienced two early floods of this magnitude. Several farm operations had lost equipment and several had crops that were submerged.

While the excessive flooding placed a hardship on many of the area farm operations, it all happened in a timely manner for the early part of the duck migration. Timely flooding and plenty of it, is what helps this region shortstop the ducks from the central and southern parts of Arkansas, Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. One area pilot said; “When I flew into the airport the other day, our region of the state looks like a small ocean, dotted with a lot of islands.” The ducks must have liked the ocean appearance since early bird counts indicated we were holding record bird numbers. Combine it all together and my staff and I were nothing short of excited about the possibilities we were facing. During the previous two seasons we had set all time records for bird numbers and kill ratios at our operation and it certainly looked like the 2006/07 season would be another banner year.

As the rains continued, the season ended up providing us with six major floods. Never in my life had I seen so much water for such a long time. The duck numbers held up and northeast Arkansas’s counts were amazing, but in the long run … is that what’s best? Think about it this way. If you have a kiddy pool filled with water in your back yard and it is crammed full of ducks that would be a lot. However, if you took those same ducks and put them in a small lake, they wouldn’t appear to be so thick and that’s what we found to be true as the flooding continued.

Overall we ended up with a seasonal average of 4.4 ducks per day/per guided hunter. With the limit being six ducks maximum (we do not count geese in that average), that average still puts us way ahead of the state average and the other outfitters I’ve talked with. However, it was less than we had hoped for in the beginning. The good part, we had enough quality hunting ground and a hard working staff so the season ended up being another good one. Since we have the ability to pump or fields and control some of the water in our timber, sloughs and marsh areas, I’m hoping I never see flooding like that again. Fuel may be expensive and while it’s still going up, it gives use control over the amount of water in the area and that gives us one more advantage over Mother Nature. That advantage, combined with our Voluntary Rest Days Program, described below, is what we’ll hope for, but we’ll be prepared for whatever Mother Nature wants to dish out.

We’ve been working on a new boat dock and the walk to it for one of our main timber holes and that will provide us with access, even in the driest conditions. We also have a new blind ready to assemble in our Tupelo Marsh, opening up new possibilities for the combination timber and marsh area. We’ve already planted the first round of a new type of hybrid millet in a couple of the timber/marsh areas and we’re excited about reports on the early water conditions and the breeding grounds. Floods or the lack of water, we’ll be ready when the season gets here and with our well-experienced and well-seasoned staff … we hope to keep putting them at your feet and helping you build memories … HammerTime style!

Visit: Northeast Arkansas Delta

Hammertime Guide Service, Northeast Arkansas Delta, Ducks, Geese, Guides, davy crockett guide , Northeast Arkansas Delta , Full Service, Guides and Ducks, Geese , Full Service, Guides , Charles and Jackie Snapp's Hammertime Guide Service offers some of the best duck hunting in the country. Whether in the timber or the rice fields, you're guaranteed to have a great hunt in Northeast Arkansas.



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