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Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp
Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp offers outstanding guided bear viewing and photography, marine wildlife, birding and fabulous silver salmon fishing. We are located on the wild and remote. Pacific coast of Katmai National Park. We accept 8 guests maximum on any given day. The Camp is clean, warm, dry and comfortable and maintained by a camp caretaker 24 hours a day.


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char

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Other Information
Dates Open : May 15 to October 1, 2001

Lake or Area Name : Katmai National Park, Alaska

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Experience Alaska bear viewing in Katmai National Park with us. Venture into the Land of the Brown Bear to share his environment, to know his curiosity, to feel his presence.

Hallo Bay Wilderness is a privately owned facility located in Katmai National Park on remote Alaska coastline, near the famous McNeil River Sanctuary.

Designed for wilderness travelers of all ages we offer day bear viewing trips, overnight stays, photography tours, and backpack trips with safe, comfortable accommodations in the heart of the largest Alaska brown bear habitat. We invite you to share the bear viewing experience without the crowds!

Hallo Bay Wilderness is designed to be a wildlife and wilderness experience a true Alaska wilderness experience. Which offers a limited number of people the opportunity to walk amongst the giant brown bears. No one leaves without the feeling of a true wilderness experience and lives are touched by the memories made here.

Established in 1994, Hallo Bay Wilderness was designed to be a trend setting model of responsibility and low impact to this environment. Our guests observe the bears in their natural habitat. There are no viewing platforms or man-made trails at Hallo Bay Wilderness. The total number of guests at Hallo Bay Wilderness on any given day is 8. The 8 guests are further divided into two sub groups of usually 4 people per group with each sub group having its own guide. It is our experience that 5 people (4 guests-1 guide) are much less impacting than large groups of people on a wilderness outing. The smaller group size intimidates wildlife less and leaves a much less impacting footprint on the local habitat while providing a exclusive experience.

Bear observation in the field is conducted under the direction of professional guides whose primary duties include the safety of our guests and the continued preservation of this unique area and its magnificent wildlife. Along with our professional guides, the camp personnel play a very important role in preserving this wilderness area. The camp personnel maintain the camp facilities and are always in the camp to discourage curious bears from associating the Camp with food. Unlike other operations which utilize bear traumatizing high voltage electric fences, rubber bullets and mace type sprays to discourage bears which have been allowed to develop bad habits. Hallo Bay Wilderness denies bears the opportunity to learn bad habits, but does not discourage their natural curiosity of their surroundings. Thus it is common to see bears in the camp, but in seven years of operation we have never had a bear cause damage. Hallo Bay Wilderness personnel utilize the experience and knowledge gained by many years along with liberal amounts of common sense to co-exist with the brown bears in a peaceful and serene environment.

While Hallo Bay Wilderness personnel do everything reasonably possible to maintain and protect this pristine wilderness area, we also need the understanding and cooperation of our guests in order to do it in a manner beneficial to the habitat and wildlife it contains.

Hallo Bay Wilderness is located 120 air miles southwest of Homer, Alaska. Hallo Bay Wilderness is located approximately 25 miles south of Cape Douglas and 6 miles east of Kaguyak Crater Lake on the Pacific Coast of the Alaska Peninsula. The Camp is 200 feet back and above the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the 6400 square mile Katmai National Park on the remaining three sides.

Hallo Bay Wilderness has one of the most beautiful beaches and wildlife viewing areas in Alaska. The variety of bear viewing areas offer many different opportunities to observe Alaska's coastal brown bears in their natural habitats. Big River and Clint's Creek, which are located to the north and south of the Camp respectively, produce an excellent variety of seasonal salmon runs. The coastal tidal flats offer good clam digging and sweet grasses for the feeding brown bears.

Hallo Bay Wilderness is the only Eco-sensitive facility of its kind designed for bear and wildlife viewing on the 485-mile long Pacific coastline of Katmai National Park. There are no public services, maintained facilities, marked trails or airports available in Katmai National Park within 90 miles of Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp. The McNeil River Wildlife Sanctuary located 30 miles north of Hallo Bay is the only other operation equal to Hallo Bay Wilderness to offer Eco-responsible, sustainable and unspoiled wildlife viewing in the entire Southwest Alaska coastal brown bear habitat areas.

The private guest cabins of Hallo Bay Wilderness are frequently referred to by former adventure travel guests as a "five star" wilderness camp. This complementary designation is due to the sparkling clean atmosphere and simple Eco-functional ability to keep guests warm, dry, clean and safe in the heart of one of the most remote and wild wilderness areas in Alaska. This fact is accomplished without pollution to the environment and with limited impact upon the land and our precious wildlife. The "five star" rating is meant much differently than a similar rating attached to a luxury hotel. The design intent of Hallo Bay Wilderness was to create an acute awareness of the surrounding natural pristine beauty by being a part of the environment rather than focusing attention on luxurious accommodations which leads to isolation from the environment.

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Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Katmai National Park, Alaska , Katmai National Park, Alaska , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides and , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides , No Hunting Available



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