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Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge
Experience an unforgetable holiday in rugged Northern Ontario. It's as easy as letting your imagination travel to us. Just call and say "Book me in!". Close up. Pack up. Travel up. Arrive. After that, we'll pretty much take care of everything else. The only pressure here is deciding how to spend your day.


Full Service, Drive-in, Guides

Fishing Available:
Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Other Freshwater Fish

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Moose, Ducks, Grouse


Other Information
Dates Open : May through October

Lake or Area Name : Gowganda Lake, Ontario

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Plummers Lodges

We are the new owners of the oldest active Lodge on beautiful Gowganda Lake, Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge. We are formerly service oriented professionals with a sincere desire to provide you with a treasured vacation.

Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge is your source of information on this Northern Ontario wilderness dream in the heart of natures finest.

Sticklers for detail, we know what it takes to provide a great time, and make sure you have a memorable stay in a friendly atmosphere.

Clean well kept surroundings, good food, good times exceptional service and warm friendly people.

GOWGANDA LAKE - Our "Home Lake

Gowganda Lake is one of the area's largest lakes with some 35 miles of shoreline to work. The bottom consists of several basins. The average depth is approximately 27 feet although there area number of holes ranging from 60 feet to 160 feet. It is also characterized by a number of shoals, drop offs, weed beds and sunken islands. The small townsite of Gowganda is located at its northeast tip and the remainder of the lake. Is relatively uninhabited. This lake boasts a variety of fish species including Walleye and Pike and an excellent supply of Small mouth Bass and we have no closed season on Bass and Pike. Bass can be fished as soon as the ice is off the lake through to the end of the season. This productive Bass fishing area has spawned (excuse the pun) our very popular Gowganda Spring Fling Bass Tournament.

WAPUS RIVER - (West branch of the Montreal River) /PENASSI LAKE

Due to its easy access, we do not keep a boat here, but many of our guests take one of our boats, or their own boat, and enjoy a wilderness trip experience along its miles. As well as its frequently viewed wildlife such as moose, bear, beaver, the waters yield Walleye, Northern Pike and Small Mouth Bass as well as Perch. The river is quite rocky with an average of depth of 10- 11 feet, its maximum depth being approximately 2 2 feet.


Old "Stumpy" is reached by portage from Gowganda Lake and is one of the area's renowned Walleye lakes. It is man-made by a log dam, is about 3 miles long by I mile wide, with an average depth of about 10 feet. And it is well-named, there being no shortage of stumps and logs to troll around or cast into and great weed beds.


The water from this lake feeds by a waterfall into Gowganda Lake and getting to it involves a portage to the top of the waterfall. This lake is I mile wide by about 2 miles long and right full of feisty Small Mouth Bass. This is a great lake for a sunny day and one of the best lakes you can find to enjoy with your children.


This lake is accessed by driving to Edith Lake, boating cross Edith and walking a 150 yard portage. Small Mouth Bass re caught by the falls and along the rocky shoreline; Walleye on the shores and dropoffs, or Pike in the river at the end of the lake, where you can also boat through a narrow channel into Davidson for Pike and Walleye.


Bass anglers rejoice. The rugged shoreline, rocky shoals and many islands of this 3 half mile long by 3/4 mile wide lake yields some great Bass. Elkhorn has a maximum depth of about 75-80 feet and average depth of about 20 feet.


A few of the more remote lakes in the area offer plentiful lake trout. Our guests can reach and enjoy these by taking advantage of the local fly-in packages.

These are just some of the lakes you can explore and fish in the area, and there are lots more.

Dear Hunter,

Hunting at Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge is about "as good as it gets". And here's why.

Black Bear Hunt. Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge offers a Spring and a Fall Black Bear Hunt. This Spring, our guest John Williams of Metamora, MI, brought out a 250 pound, quality Black Bear, the second largest taken out of this area. We have a large Bear Management Area of 255 sq, km. Some of our sites are land accessible and some are water accessible only. Baiting is carried out well before your arrival. Baits are well spaced approximately one mile apart and well placed. The alleys are long and clean. Whether you hunt with rifle, bow or camera, this adds up to affording you the time and conditions for that perfect shot. Upon your arrival, you have the choice of baiting your site yourself (bait provided by us as required), or having us continue to bait it for you. Stands are provided or you may wish to bring your own to ensure your maximum comfort. To make it better, we attempt to limit the number of hunters in camp each week to four.

Moose Hunt. Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge also offers a Fall Moose Hunt. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources annually dictates whether we will have bull or cow tags, as well as the quantity available for inclusion in our Moose Hunting Package. These packages are available to non-resident hunters as well as to Ontario hunters who may not have acquired a tag in the Ontario lottery system.

As you can see, we include in both the Black Bear Hunt and Moose Hunt Packages, boat, motor and gas. This serves two purposes: firstly, although we have a large number of logging roads for our hunters, some of our bait sites/hunting areas are or can be accessed by water- secondly, in the event that you have early success in your hunt, you might wish to try some good fishing opportunities. We have a number of lakes in addition to our "home lake" on which we keep boats for our guests.

Visit: Gowganda Lake, Ontario

Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge, Gow Ganda Lake, Ontario, Gowganda Lake , Gowganda Lake, Ontario , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides and Black Bear, Moose, Ducks, Grouse , Full Service, Drive-in, Guides , Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge has a large Bear Management Area of 255 sq, km. We include in both the Black Bear Hunt and Moose Hunt Packages



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