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Fish Siam
FishSiam offers an extensive selection of angling destinations for the visiting angler. Join our team of pro-guides in search of the largest freshwater fish on the planet at some of the most breathtaking fishing locations in the world. Join FishSiam on the mighty tidal rivers of western Thailand in search of unseen monsters of the deep. Specialised guided angling expeditions in search of Giant freshwater stingray and various monster catfish species with


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Fishing Available:
Alligator Gar, Arapaima, Arowana, Barb, Hampala, Barramundi, Carp, Bighead, Carp, Giant Siamese, Carp, Siver, Carp Catla, Catfish, Asian Redtail Catfish, Chophraya, Catfish, Giant Mekong, Redtail, Striped, Catfiish, Sharptooth, Giant Gourami, Mangrove Jack, Mrigal, Pacu Rohu, Snakehead, Giant, Snakehead, Striped, Surubim, Barred, Surubim, Spotted, Stingray, Giant Freshwater, Tilapia Nile

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Dates Open : All year round

Lake or Area Name : Bungsamlan Lake, Maeklong River, Ban Pakong River, Thailand

mainphone: +66(0)872680428

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Alligator Gar. (Lapisosteus spatula). Max length 3m. Max weight 137 kg/ 302 lb.Predatory. The Alligator Gar is found in the Ohio, Mississippi and Gulf Coast Rivers reaching as far south as the Mexican coast. This predatory species with a pike-like form and a head resembling an alligator is an aggressive predator feeding on all manner of live and dead fish. This crocodilian predator favours slow moving backwaters, lakes and bayous of large rivers and often enters brackish and salt-marine waters in search of prey. The Alligator Gar has been introduced into various fisheries throughout Thailand over the last ten years.

Arapaima. (Arapaima gigas). Max length 3m. Max weight 200 kg/ 440 lb. Predatory. The Arapaima Gigas is to be found in the great Amazon River system in Peru, Brazil, Columbia and the Araguaia River and its various tributaries in Guyana. This armour plated predator is a member of the ancient Osteoglosssids (bony tongues) order of fishes. The Arapaima is to be found in the northern parts of South America throughout the Amazon basin where it aggressively hunts its prey. With this prehistoric predator inhabiting the largest and wildest river system on earth very little is known about its distribution in the river system. The Arapaima gigas in its natural habitat swims in some of the wildest waters on the planet which endure seasonal flooding in the monsoon season causing the mighty Amazon to swell and invade the surrounding jungles. With the offset of the dry season the water levels recede rapidly leaving landlocked pools alongside the mighty river. Arapaima gigas become trapped in these pools which soon become depleted of oxygen but through thousands of years of evolution are able to breathe by way of a primitive type of lung surfacing regularily and gulping oxygen. The Arapaima is a highly adept predator and is widely recognised as one of the largest freshwater predators on the planet. The Arapaima gigas has a fearsome prehistoric appearance with a protruding lower jaw and armoured scaling and is truly a formidable predator. With its awesome crimson colouration spreading the length of its body from its tail and its gigantic size the Arapaima is the ultimate freshwater predator. Arapaima gigas have been introduced to Thailand for over twenty years and are established in various commercial fisheries throughout Thailand.

Barramundi. (Lates calcarifer). Max weight 37.85 kg/ 83 lb 7oz. Predatory. The Barramundi is found in both fresh and brackish water and has a wide range covering the Indian Oceans coastal waters from the Persian Gulf to Indonesia, China, Australia and the Philippines. The Barramundi is a member of the perciformes (perch-like fishes) family and is an extremely aggressive predatory fish. With a Perch-like appearance flanked with silver scales the Barramundi is a highly energetic and acrobatic fish and is highly prized by lure fisherman across the globe. Barramundi were introduced to Thailand over twenty years ago where they have thrived in commercial fisheries.

Carp, Giant Siamese. (Catlocarpio siamensis). Max length 2m. Max weight 100kg+/ 220 lbs. Omnivorous. The Giant Siamese Carp is found in the lakes and river systems of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Southern Vietnam. The Giant Siamese Carp is the largest member of the Cyprinidae (carps) family and has been referred to as the ‘Mother of all Carps’. In Thailand it is thought that these giant carp migrate throughout the river systems of the Mekong Basin attaining huge weights in the excess of 100kg. Sadly specimens of this size are becoming increasingly rare in the fish’s natural habitat due to pollution, over fishing and the introduction of dams blocking the fish’s migratory routes. The Giant Siamese Carp is the ultimate carp species sporting a gigantic rudder-like tail and large blue to bronze plated scales covering its entire body. The Giant Siamese Carp has an extremely large frame reaching lengths of 2 metres with a massive girth and huge cavernous mouth. This carp is an extremely hard fighting fish renowned for its elusive and wily nature. Giant Siamese Carp are present in various commercial fisheries in Thailand attaining huge weights in the excess of 83 kg.

Catfish, Giant Mekong. (Pangasianadon gigas). Max weight 293 kg/ 644 lb. Omnivorous/ Predatory. The Giant Mekong Catfish is restricted in its range to the Mekong River and its tributaries in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. This highly endangered species is a contender for the largest freshwater fish in the world. Commercial fishing for this species in the Mekong River has been banned in Thailand due to the highly endangered status that this fish holds. This migratory giant has been netted at weights approaching 300 kg’s but sadly specimens of this size are becoming extremely rare due to commercial fishing and the construction of Dams blocking its migratory routes. The Giant Mekong Catfish is an extremely muscular fish with a shark-like colouration of silver/ grey. This monster catfish species reaches lengths of over 4 metres and has a huge rudder like tail and vast cavernous mouth. The Giant Mekong Catfish has a smooth shark-like body without scales with orange fins and tail and is possibly the hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet. Although endangered in its natural environment this heavy weight catfish is to be found in most of Thailand’s commercial fisheries reaching weights of over 100kg’s.

Stingray, Giant Freshwater. (Himantura Chaophraya). Max weight 450 kg+/ 1000lbs. Predatory. The Giant Freshwater Stingray is the largest freshwater fish on the planet reaching weights approaching 1000 lbs. This prehistoric relic inhabits some of the wildest and remote waters on earth including the Mekong, Maeklong, Ban Pakong, Chaophraya, Tachin and Tapi Rivers in Thailand and is also distributed in Borneo, New Guinea and Australia. This nomadic and understudied ancient predator is one of the largest living Dasyatids (whip-rays) family of fishes left on the planet. The Giant Freshwater Stingray can be found throughout the great river systems of Thailand in freshwater and estuarine enviroments and is the largest true freshwater fish on the planet. This mighty stoneage predator is easily identifiable due to its immense rounded disc-like shape measuring upto 3 metres in width with a prominent snout tip and whip-like tail. Within the central section of the disc the main body of the ray is located housing the fish’s internal organs and in some specimens displaying the endoskeleton of the creature.The Giant Freshwater Stingray has a dark brown surface on its upper side with a highly abrasive textured skin. The creature’s underside is of a very smooth nature characteristically white in colour with a grey to brown colouration around the edges. The Giant Freshwater Stingray is armed with two venomous barbs located close to the base of its tail. This king of freshwater predators preys on fish, crustaceans, mollusc’s and other aquatic invertebrates. Himantura Chaophraya is considered critically endangered and listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list.

The legendary Bungsamlan Lake is situated in Bangkok and is home to some of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. Bungsamlan covers an area of 20acres with depths ranging between 10 and 25ft.

The mighty Maeklong River is situated in western Thailand. The river originates in Kanchanaburi passing through Ratchaburi and then ending its journey at Samut Songkran in its lower reaches where it empties into the Gulf of Thailand.

The Ban Pakong River originates at the confluence of the Nakon Nayok and Prachin Buri rivers and winds its way through Chachoengsao province finally ending its journey in the Gulf of Thailand some 150km’s downstream. The Ban Pakong River is also known as the ‘River of the dragon’.

Barramundi ponds is a complex of thirty man-made ponds of varying sizes upto three acres. Situated in the Ban Pakong district of Chachoengsao province the complex contains the highly energetic and hard fighting Barramundi.

Fishing World is located in the Minburi district on the outskirts of Bangkok some forty kilometres from the madness of Bangkok city centre. Fishing World is a large body of water covering almost six hundred acres with depths going down to some twenty five metres in places. Fishing World contains various species of fish both native and imported to Thailand.

Khao Laem Dam is situated in the province of Kanchanaburi which is the third largest of Thailand’s provinces. Kanchanaburi is situated in the western corner of Thailand bordering Myanmar (Burma) on its western perimeter at the ‘Three Pagodas Pass’. Kanchanaburi province.

Srinakarin Dam is located in the province of Kanchanaburi Thailand’s third largest province. Kanchanaburi is a place of great natural beauty and has several national parks within its boundaries. Kanchanaburi is situated on the western perimeter of Thailand and borders neighbouring Myanmar (Burma) at the famous ‘Three Pagodas Pass’.

I.T Monster Lake is situated in Ratchaburi province some 120 kms outside Bangkok. I.T Monster has been billed by other companies under the name of ‘Predator Lake’ in the past. I.T is a new lake dedicated to predator angling packed full of both native and imported predatory species. The lake covers an area of 12 rai / 5 acres and has depths ranging between 2-6 metres.

Now Nam Lake is situated 50 km’s outside Bangkok. Now Nam is a mature 20 rai / 8 acre mixed species fishery dating back some 30 years.

Visit: Bungsamlan Lake, Maeklong River, Ban Pakong River, Thailand

GIANT FRESHWATER STINGRAY CAPTURE EST.170-200KG.ENGLISH ANGLER CATCHES 50KG GIANT SIAMESE CARP. GIANT FRESHWATER STINGRAY .BANG PAKONG RIVER. GIANT FRESHWATER STINGRAY .BANG PAKONG RIVER!.GIANT FRESHWATER STINGRAY .BANG PAKONG RIVER.GIANT FRESHWATER STINGRAY .BANG PAKONG RIVER , Bungsamlan Lake, Maeklong River, Ban Pakong River, Thailand , Guides, Contact us for travel and hotel. and , Guides, Contact us for travel and hotel. , Fishsiam offers various guided freshwater angling packages throughout the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. By making a selection of the listed packages below you will reveal all relevant information regarding your chosen specialist angling experience. In addition to the listed day trip package options Fishsiam can also arrange longer expeditions in search of that fish of a lifetime.



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