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Box 4423
Smithers ,  BC
V0J 2N0
Phone :  (800) 499-9053
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Box 4423
Smithers  , BC
V0J 2N0
Phone :  (800) 499-9053
Fax :  (250) 847-9053

Toll Free :  800-499-9053

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Driftwood Valley Outfitters
Offering trophy hunting for moose, goat, black bear, grizzly,and wolf.Our moose average 50" and goats 9" plus. Fly via floatplane into our remote wilderness camps. For more info please call or go toour web site.


Full Service, Drive-in, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Moose, Goat


Other Information
Dates Open : End of August to Mid October

Lake or Area Name : Northern British Columbia

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What we offer: Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat and Wolf Hunting in Canada

Driftwood Valley Outfitters is located in the spectacular mountains of Northern British Columbia. The center of this 1800sq mile area is a 100mile scenic floatplane flight north of our home base of Smithers. The northern half of this 75mile long area is located in region 6-18, while the southern half is located in 7-27. Taking in some of the Skeena River, Sustut River, Bear River and Driftwood River drainages. These salmon-rich BC rivers are the reason for our abundance of bears. Nestled between the Skeena and Omineca Mountains, Driftwood Valley also offers some of the best goat hunting in Canada and North America. The moose are plentiful in the many open meadow systems.

Come hunt from one of our 7 different base camps. All our camps are located on lakes, some in the open alpine and others in scenic forest settings. Our camps consist of comfortable log and wood structures. Game can often be spotted from the front window of your cabin.

With fifteen years in the guiding industry, your guide outfitter, Derrick Mohr, knows how to provide a truly unique hunting experience. With the help of two other guides, we take a total of only 12 - 14 clients a fall season. By keeping our operation small we can offer you the personalized trip that you desire. Our methods of hunting are spot and stalk, from tree stands, calling and hunting from a boat on our lakes. Over the course of the season we rotate the use of all our 7 base camps to ensure that wildlife is not overharvested. All our fall fly-ins are 10-day hunts. We do this to ensure a successful hunt in case of days lost to bad weather.

Our expeditor will greet you at the Smithers airport upon arrival. Our clients are taken care of from the minute we pick you up at the airport to the moment we drop you off for your flight home.

In the southern tip of our area we offer drive-in road "meat-hunts". This is ideal for hunters who would like a good economical hunting experience and be able to take all of their meat home with them. Moose and black bear hunts have a 100% success rate.

Our moose hunts start in early September and run until the end of October. Hunting methods include a combination of calling, tree stands, spot and stalk, and by boat. We start at our northern most camp in the fall and work our way south as the season progresses. All seven camps are utilized on a rotation basis to ensure that the wildlife is not over harvested.

The moose that we harvest range in size from 45" - 60". These big bulls can weigh as much as 1400 lbs. A typical shot is around 100 yards, and can be as close as 10 yards, which is ideal for bow hunting.

Moose hunting is done primarily in the early morning and late evening. During the rut, we can call the moose in for a close shot.

Winter wolf hunting takes place at the end of February and early March. These 8-day hunts are a combination trapping and hunting adventure.

The wolves in Driftwood, BC are predominately gray or black in color. A jet-black wolf would be an incredible addition to add to any trophy room. These wolves travel in packs up to 15 in number, but are often seen in groups of two and three. The big male wolves can grow up to 160lbs. And be up to 36" at the shoulder.

The wolf hunting is conducted in the moose wintering grounds. In these locations it is possible to see 50 or 60 moose during your stay. With this much easy access to moose the wolves do not stray too far from these surroundings. At times we will be watching over a fresh wolf kill, checking the traps on our registered trap line, and cruising along the riverbeds on our snowmobiles in search of wolves. Other times we may just sit back and call them in.

Spring black bear hunting starts in mid May and runs until mid June, when their coats are in prime condition. The bears range in size from 6' to 7'. Losing up to 1/3 of their body weight over the winter, these bears can still weigh as much as 400 lbs. Success on the spring bear hunts is 100%. A second bear can be taken for a harvest fee.

In the spring the bears can be seen feeding on the fresh green grass in the various logging blocks and roads. It is these clear cuts that green up first in spring. The hunts are done from a pick-up or by walking. It is not uncommon to see 10 to 15 bears on your 6-day hunt.

Sustut River - The Sustut River is only accessed by airplane. Once there we hunt by boat, pick-up truck and from our personal railway scooter. There is no outside road access as the local logging operation transports their logs out by railway. From here you can have your own private hunting roads with no other hunters around. There is a small air charter fee of $500 attached to this hunt. We call this our "Planes, Trains and Automobile Hunt".

Driftwood River - The Driftwood River camp is accessed from Prince George. Clients can fly into Prince George and be picked up at the airport, or they can drive their own vehicle into camp. This camp has some brown-phase black bears. There is no air charter fee attached to this hunt.

The Skeena and the Omineca mountains are well known in the record books for the quality of mountain goats that they provide. Our goats range in size from 9" to 11", with the average being 9' 1/2". We have had 100% success on our goat hunts for the last 3 years.

These majestic animals live between elevations of 5000' and 6000' feet. Typically we would fly into one of our base camps at around the 4000' level. From there we would take our mountain tent and supplies and hike up to where the goats are. Goat hunts can last any where from 2 hours to 8 days, depending on the weather. For this hunt the hunter need not be a marathon runner but should be in fairly good condition. The better the condition, the more the client will enjoy the hunt. Clients should have their rifles sighted in at 200 yards.

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