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Cherokee Guide Service
Family owned hunting & fishing guide using free range, fair chase hunting with or without trained hounds in Southeastern TN and Southwestern NC.


Guides, Camping

Fishing Available:
Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Catfish, Crappie, Perch, White Bass

Hunting Available:
Black Bear, White-tailed Deer, Grouse, Wild Turkey, Bobcat, Coyote, Squirrel, fox


Other Information
Dates Open : September through January

Lake or Area Name : Southeastern Tennessee, Southwestern North Carolina

Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, backpacking in the Nantahala National Forest (Cherokee County, NC) or the Cherokee National Forest (Monroe/Polk Counties, TN)

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If you want to experience the challenge of the fast paced excitement of real hunting free range, fair chase in the Southern Appalachian Mountains we can assist your hunting needs. If you would rather hunt exotics or other animals contained within a fenced in area we can give you a referal to a reputable outfitter/lodge.

We are dedicated to rendering quality hunting guide service to all of our clients regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex or national origin, however due to safety factors we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during a scheduled hunt. **

With thousands of acres of prime game lands in southeastern Tennessee and southwestern North Carolina it is no surprise to find a keen interest in hunting here. Hunting the old fashioned way with or without hounds is a long standing tradition that is continuing with success here in our rural community. Both southeastern Tennessee and southwestern North Carolina are noted for their good populations of large and small game animals.

All of the area that we hunt is public game lands and for the most part has mountainous, wooded terrain that is contained within the Appalachian Mountains. This is not a "canned hunt", or a game reserve. The animals that we hunt are not confined to an enclosed area nor held in pens. The only fences you will encounter are the ones that nature put there. We can hunt with or without professionally trained hounds. We hunt with Tree Walkers, Black Mountain Plotts, Black & Tans, High Tans & Leopard Cur hounds. Chances for a successful hunt are greatly increased with the use of hounds on black bear and wild boar. We do not hunt deer or turkey with dogs.

Since there are NO fenced in animals, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you will be successful. However, we can do our best to give you the opportunity for a successful hunt.

The Tusquitee Ranger District contains 158,579 acres with elevations ranging from 1,200 to 5,499 feet. Many excellent outdoor attractions are found in this district.

Trout fishing in the Tellico River (Monroe County) in Tennessee. There are many miles of wild trout streams in the area aruond the Tellico River, North River, and the Bald River regions. Also, of interest, is the "Annual Trout Fishing Tournament" which is held here every year. Artificial lures with single hooks are required on these streams and rivers while fishing for native trout.

The TWRA will begin stocking the Tellico River with rainbow trout in March and ends around August 30. Average size for stocked rainbows is about 12 inches although some may be larger. The TWRA will occassionally stock some brown trout in addition to the rainbows. Native southern brook trout is also found in the Tellico River as well as the feeder streams (Sycamore Creek, Bald River, and North River.

Top trout fishing months for the Tellico River, Bald River, North River and Sycamore Creek are March, April, and May. This area is heavily fished until just after the July 4th weekend with fishing tapering off. Water temperature varies considerable throughout the year. Temperature can vary from 32 degrees in the winter to 78 degrees in summer with an average yearly temperature of about 57 degrees.

Wild hog hunting with hounds has become an exciting tradition here in southeast Tennessee and southwest North Carolina. Popular dog breeds include Plotts, Tree Walkers, Black & Tans, Red Bones, Curs and Bull dogs. Once the dogs have been turned on a fresh track it is their job to get the hog up and running, then to stop him long enough for the hunter to arrive at the scene and shoot the hog.

For his size, the wild hog is a fast runner and will try to put as much distance between him and the pack as possible. The wild hog will try anything to loose that pack of snarling, snapping hounds after him and it's not uncommon for it to take an escape route through very dense cover like mountain laurel and rhodedendrum thickets, creek beds and branches with water. When the dogs catch up with the hog, it will try to back up against a rock, log, stump or whatever else that can provide protection for it's backside while it turns to face the pack of dogs.

The dogs will try to surround the hog, run in and try to catch hold of it by the ears, tail, shoulder, etc. while trying to stay away from it's cutting tusks. A good dog will stay close and bay the hog until the hunter arrives and in most cases the dogs will try to do their best to keep the hog stationary no matter what it takes. The hog may charge forward towards the dogs but the dogs will only back up for a few yards before they charge back at the hog. For the dogs it's a deadly game of "tag, you're it" with the hog being "it".

Another method of hunting wild boar is to place a number of hunters in likely escape routes while one hunter jumps the boar with his pack of hunting hounds. This works fairly well for people who aren't physically able to keep up with the pack of dogs that are running the hogs. If you have enough hunters scattered throughout the area where the hounds are running hogs, chances are good that at least one of your party will get a shot.

Visit: Southeastern Tennessee, Southwestern North Carolina

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