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Sylvia and Brian Hoffart

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Bait Masters Hunting Camp
Bait-Masters is hunting at it's finest. Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer and Monster Black Bear with Baitmasters. Excellent Waterfowl. Located in Green Lake, Saskatchewan and produces the largest whitetail trophies in the world.


Full Service, Guides

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Hunting Available:
White-tailed Deer, Black Bear, Ducks, Geese


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Lake or Area Name : Green Lake, Saskatchewan

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Bait Masters Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunting

.. virtually all of the bait sites are set up for close shooting as many of our clients are archers. 15 to 20 yard shots are planned. Rifle hunters can usually see significantly longer distances as bears approach on trails or move through clearings.

.. Saskatchewan hunting regulations require all centerfire rifle hunters to wear a red, yellow or blaze orange hat and a complete outer covering of white, blaze orange, red or yellow.

.. Saskatchewan hunting regulations allow archers and muzzleloader hunters to wear camo during their hunts.

.. Baitmasters has a complete selection of treestands. The hunter can have his choice of ladder stands, hanging stands and self-climbing stands. Our stands are in perfect condition. Safety is our first concern. Safety belts are highly recommended and provided for each hunter's use.

.. baits are checked and maintained to ensure the presence of bears and hunters are only placed on active baits. Guides check and replenish baits daily. .. all bears are skinned and prepared for shipment to a taxidermist. Hides are frozen immediately.

.. Baitmasters recommends a minimum caliber of .270 Winchester and we highly suggest the use of heavy, premium grade bullets.

.. all hunters are instructed on optimum shot placement prior to their hunt. .. fishing season is open during the spring hunt and there is lots of opportunity to catch northern pike and walleys.

.. waterfowl season opens during the fall hunt and hunters can book combination hunts, hunting ducks and geese in the mornings and bears in the later part of the day.

Bait Masters Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting

.. waterfowl hunts can be booked in conjunction with black bear hunts as combination hunts (frequently the upland hunting is great also).

.. most goose hunts take place in agricultural fields whereas ducks may be hunted in fields or out in marshes.

.. steel shot regulations are in place. .. hunters are invited to show off their duck/goose calling skills, to supplement Brian's red-hot overtures.

.. 3 1/2 inch magnum shotguns with heavy loads of non-toxic shot are becoming popular to handle the big honkers.

.. warm waterproof camo outfits are suggested to handle the changeable weather encountered in waterfowl season.

.. most hunters donate their bag to elderly local residents. Hunters who choose to take birds home will be assisted in ensuring that they are legally packaged and frozen for the trip home.

How many outfitters do you know that buy decoys by the semi-trailor load? Floaters, shells, Canadas, Snows - you name it. Bait-Masters is equipped with enough decoys, bail-blinds, floating barge blinds and anything else required to ensure full bag limits and the hunt of your life! Equipment is great, but hard working guides are required to do the spotting, planning, setting out decoys, and calling, lots of calling. As important is knowing when to yell "Take 'em!", calling the shooting as the big bombers set their wings and drop into the middle of your spread.

Bait-Masters is located in a super waterfowl hunting area - offering a choice of ducks or geese, field or water shooting hunting in nearby fields or out in remote marshes. Brian Hoffart ensures that his hunters are comfortable - even out in the wild rice marshes.

Bait Masters Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunting

.. weather is a huge factor affecting the behavior of bucks and obviously the comfort of the hunters.

.. early season hunts can occasionally encounter temperatures that stay above the freezing mark but as the season progresses the snow and cold become more significant.

.. the age-old rule of wearing layers of clothing still holds true for Saskatchewan whitetail hunters.

.. warm footwear is essential for hunting in the snow and sub-zero temperatures.

.. Saskatchewan hunting regulations require all centerfire rifle hunters to wear a red, yellow or blaze orange hat and a complete outer covering of white, blaze orange, red or yellow.

.. our bucks are big - so we recommend fairly heavy calibers and premium bullets. Many hunters are using 7 mm and .30 caliber magnums, although the.270 Winchester to .30-06 range of cartridges is also fine. Telescopicsights are warranted as shots can vary greatly in distance.

Saskatchewan produces the largest whitetail trophies in the world - just check the record books.

Bait-Masters is located in prime whitetail habitat and we have consistently produced trophy class bucks for more than a decade.

Our whitetails are big and burly, the kind of deer that hunters dream about. There is only one way to find out just how big these monsters really are! Come hunting with us, and we will help you put one on the ground.

Heft his rack, hold the long daggers in your hands, enjoy the wonder of a huge trophy buck. Then grunt and groan as you help your guide drag him over to a clearing for pictures.

You won't stop trembling for a long time, nor will you be able to take your eyes off the rack of a lifetime.

We hunt hard, as hard as you can handle. Thrill to monster bucks charging in to the rattling horns. Work scrape lines and rubs with a professional guide who knows how to grunt and rattle - but watch out, as the action can be fast and furious!

Visit: Green Lake, Saskatchewan

Bait Masters Hunting Camp, White-tailed Deer, Black Bear, Ducks, Geese, Bait-masters, Masters hunting, Brian Hoffart , Green Lake, Saskatchewan , Full Service, Guides and White-tailed Deer, Black Bear, Ducks, Geese , Full Service, Guides , Saskatchewan whitetail bucks are big. Over 300 pound deer field dressed. Boone and Crocket Records in White-tail and black bear hunting in Green Lake with Bait Masters Hunting Camp.



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