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Avid Sportfishing
Full service fishing lodge catering to a maximum of 8 Guests per trip. World class Salmon and Halibut fishing in remote Cartwright Sound on the west coast of Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands. All inclusive packages direct from Vancouver, BC.


Remote Outposts, Guides, Charter Boat, Full Service

Fishing Available:
King Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Red Snapper

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Lake or Area Name : West Coast, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Considered the last frontier for remote salmon fishing opportunities, the islands of Haida Gwaii never fail to live up to their reputation. The geographic location of Haida Gwaii is what sets it apart from the rest of the coast. This is the farthest point west in Canada and positioned perfectly in the path of millions of migratory salmon along what is known as The Salmon Highway.

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Throughout our 4 month season we experience runs of all five species of salmon headed for rivers in Alaska, as far south as California and everywhere in between. The sheer volume of salmon that migrate through our waters and the variety of runs is what makes fishing in Haida Gwaii so special. The Islands west coast boasts some of the largest runs of Chinook and Coho salmon found anywhere in world. As guides and fishermen ourselves, we set out to find the best salmon fishing there is and there is none better than the west coast of Haida Gwaii.

Located on the West Coast of Haida Gwaii, Cartwright Sound is the body of water between Englefield Bay and Kano Inlet. Access to Cartwright Sound requires a scenic boat ride through Skidegate Narrows. This is the narrow channel that divides the two main Islands of Haida Gwaii (Graham and Moresby) and is the only access by boat to the West Coast of the islands. Even though there is good boat access to Cartwright Sound, it remains undeveloped providing a remote destination for anglers. Unlike many areas of Haida Gwaii there are no big fly in fishing resorts in or near Cartwright Sound leaving the rich fishing grounds to the smaller lodges and charter operations based in the communities of Sandspit and Queen Charlotte. There is very little fishing pressure in Cartwright compared to other areas of Haida Gwaii. Itís not uncommon for us to experience incredible salmon fishing and have the area all to ourselves.

In the summer months, plankton blooms in Cartwright Sound provide food for Krill and Herring that in turn feed everything else. This is a perfect feeding ground for migratory Chinook and Coho salmon that are instinctively packing on weight for the final leg of their journey. The very shape of the sound and the tidal currents help to push the baitfish and salmon towards the inside waters of Skidegate Channel. This makes for great fishing in more sheltered water unlike some of the other fly in operations to the North and South of us that mostly fish the exposed outer coastline.

Cartwright Sound is a major feeding ground for all species of fish, marine mammals and sea birds. A day spent fishing the area can yield some incredible photo opportunities. At times there is so much to see our guests have a hard time focusing on fishing. Orca, Humpback Whales, Dahls Porpoise, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and Tufted Puffins are just a few of the species that call Cartwright Sound home. Combined with rugged mountain backdrops and temperate rainforests that grow right to the weather beaten shoreline, Cartwright Sound provides an incredible setting for a west coast fishing adventure.

BCís top saltwater game fish and the reason we load our reels with over 1000 feet of line, hook into a big one and youíre going to need all of it! Averaging 18 to 35 pounds the Chinook or King salmon (as itís known in the US) is what Haida Gwaii fishing is all about. These fish are in the best condition of their lives feeding voraciously along the jagged shorlines of west coast Haida Gwaii and Cartwright Sound. Every season on the west coast of the islands lucky anglers hook and land 50lb+ Chinooks. Hard fighting Chinook salmon can put even the most skilled fisherman to the test. When hooked these energetic fish will take long runs, sound deep and even launch themselves out of the water all in the same arm wrenching battle. It is not uncommon to spend a half hour or more just getting one to the boat. In Cartwright Sound we are fortunate to have strong runs of migratory Chinook throughout the length of our season (May-Sept). Nowhere else on the BC coast can make this claim. Our best days fishing for Chinook in Cartwright Sound have seen upwards of 40 fish landed per boat in a single day! Slow trolling herring tight to the rocky shoreline and kelp beds is the most common method for catching big Chinook in Cartwright Sound. No offshore fishery here! The majority of our Chinook fishing is done in water that is mostly protected from ocean swells and prevailing winds.

Coho arrive in good numbers by mid July. Coho or Silver salmon show up in Cartwright Sound by mid-July and are caught in good numbers right to the end of our season. Coho are excellent fighters with a habit of cartwheeling through the air and dancing across the surface when hooked. Coho average 8 to 14 pounds and grow bigger as the season progresses, up to the 18 pound range.

There are certain areas in Cartwright Sound that tend to be Coho hot spots but most of our Coho are caught while targeting Chinook. At times there are so many swimming through our favorite fishing spots that we have to change our techniques just to have a chance at catching a Chinook. This is a good problem to have as Coho are one of the most sought after game fish in Haida Gwaii waters.

Extremely fun to catch on light tackle and more than willing to take a trolled or cast fly, pound for pound the Coho is one of the most exciting quarry there is. Packing along a fly rod is a great idea and can become the focus of the trip if the Coho are on the surface, which they often are. Twitching a bucktail or minnow imitation fly in the prop wash while trolling can be very productive at times.

Visit: West Coast, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

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