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Alaska Rainbow Adventures
Alaska Rainbow Adventures operates the premier Alaska float fishing expeditions, offering weeklong float fishing odysseys on several rivers in Alaska's famous Bristol Bay region. We have the knowledge and experience to make your Alaskan dreams come true.


Guides, Float Expeditions, Full Service, Fly-in

Fishing Available:
Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Salmon

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Other Information
Dates Open : June 8 to October 10

Lake or Area Name : Bristol Bay Region, Alaska

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Is your choice for a top quality Alaska float fishing expedition. Alaska Rainbow Adventures offers week long float fishing odysseys on several rivers in Alaska's famous Bristol Bay region as well as custom trips of up to 14 days in length. By offering trips on different rivers we are able to offer you a wide variety of angling experiences to choose from, if your interest is fly-fishing for trophy rainbow trout, casting to explosive pacific salmon fresh from the sea, or battling arctic char on a stunningly scenic river, we have the knowledge and experience to make your Alaskan dreams come true. Let us know what you desire and we will work hard to put you on the type of expedition that most closely matches your expectations.

Owner of Alaska Rainbow Adventures, long-time Alaska resident Paul Hansen, has been fishing and rafting in Alaska since the late 1970's; he has guided on Alaskan waters since the mid-1980's.

Launching Alaska Rainbow Adventures in 1994, Paul and his staff of Alaskan guides enjoy a well-earned reputation as operating one of the most respected ventures of its type. Alaska Rainbow Adventures has garnered recognition for its stewardship of Alaska natural resources from the National Park Service while upholding the highest commitment to quality.

The Alagnak River - Alaska Rainbow Adventures has seen nearly every emotion from anglers doing battle with the rainbows of the Alagnak river, from tears of joy, the largest of grins and even a few choice words at times. On other days we have watched as seasoned anglers put down their rods saying they have had enough after a battling thirty plus sockeye salmon, and have looked on in awe as at majestic brown bear wander the river in search of a tasty salmon

The Togiak River - Your hands shake with anticipation, a bead of sweat appears on your forehead as you prepare to cast you have it bad, it known here as "Silver Fever" and there is only one cure. Take the cure this year with a trip to Alaska’s Togiak River!

The Tikchik River - For both the fisherman and the naturalist, the Tikchik offers an unsurpassed wilderness experience that balances outstanding fishing, with wildlife viewing and solitude. Alaska Rainbow Adventures most recommended trip!

Rainbow Trout - Alaska's wild rainbow trout stocks are known around the world for their size and fight with some specimens reaching as much as 15 pounds. Average specimens in the Bristol Bay Wild Trout Area are from 15-23 inches and weighing in at 2 to 5 pounds. The Alagnak or "branch" river is an excellent fishery known worldwide for it's healthy rainbow trout population with many fish caught and safely released each season in excess of 28 inches on ARA float trips.

Arctic Char & Dolly Varden - The Arctic Char is a lake resident species in Alaska, it's sea run cousin the Dolly Varden is nearly identical to the Arctic Char but somewhat smaller and lighter in color. Mature Dolly Varden average 2 to 3 ponds and a trophy Arctic Char would be 10 pounds or more. Wet flies and small bright lures readily attract both of these prized sport fish and with Alaska Rainbow Adventures a trip on the Togiak river in southwest Alaska will put you on one of the premier streams for Arctic Char in Alaska

Grayling - Alaska's clear, cold, unpolluted waters provide the arctic grayling with the ideal habitat. Known as the aristocrat of the North, and noted for its large dorsal fin grayling average 1 to 2 pounds with trophy weight being at least 3. It is not uncommon to catch specimens in the 20 to 23 inch range on some of our floats such as the beautiful Tikchik river in southwest Alaska.

King Salmon (chinook) - The largest of the salmon and Alaska's state fish these tackle busters average 20 pounds and may run up to 60 pounds on your Alaska Rainbow Adventures trip. One of the best runs in recent years came in on the Alagnak river last season with kings being available in large numbers thru mid to late August. We also see excellent runs of these great fish durring our Togiak river floats, so choose a river, get some friends together and lets go king fishing! A variety of lures will attract chinook as well as large gaudy flies thrown by those who pursue the king with a fly rod.

Silver Salmon (coho) - Spectacular fighters when hooked these acrobatic salmon with the ability to leap 6 feet in mid air are extremely popular among anglers on our Togiak and Alagnak river floats in the early fall. Actively taking bright spoons and flies coho enter freshwater to spawn in early August thru mid September depending on the river system and average 7 to 14 pounds with the state record being 26 pounds.

Alaska Rainbow Adventure's trips start either in Dillingham or King Salmon depending on what river you choose to float. We recommend that you arrive at least a day before to insure that all your luggage arrives, and to allow you an opportunity to shop for any last minute items you may need. On the morning of your trip, we will board a float plane for the scenic flight to the river. This flight itself is an exciting part of any Alaskan adventure.

State of the art 18' catarafts from the largest producer of whitewater craft in America are utilized to get you safely down the river in comfort. Each raft is equipped with a custom rowing frame, floor, and for angler comfort, padded high back seats. These craft provide an exceptionally stable platform for fishing and relaxing while drifting downstream in search of what action awaits around the next bend.

Accommodations on the river are in spacious, high quality six-person tents. Each of these tents is used to house two anglers. This provides you ample space for your gear, as well as a comfortable retreat should the weather become inclement. These tents make getting ready in the morning a breeze, allowing you to stand comfortably while gearing up and putting on waders. We also provide cots and sleeping pads, a welcome luxury after a day of fishing. Each campsite will have a designated area away from camp, with the private toilet unit that is required under the auspices of our federal permit. We now even offer unlimited hot showers while on the river for that fresh have not been fishing feeling.

Catch and Release Policy - During your adventure A.R.A. policy is to release all species unharmed, except for the occasional salmon destined for the dinner table. If you are looking to take home a salmon or two, we ask that this be done on the last day of the trip as cooler space is limited.

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