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Alaska Bear Expeditions
Bear Viewing in Katmai National Park Alaska view photograph coastal brown bears and surrounding wildlife such as wolves, beaver, moose, eagles, lynx and more from our remote wilderness lodge deep in the heart of Katmai. We offer multi day Privately guided bear viewing wilderness adventure and photography tours and family vacations.


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Dates Open : May to October

Lake or Area Name : Katmai National Park, Alaska

Alaska Bear Expeditions only offers small group guiding with a client to guide ratio of approx 3 clients to 1 guide. Average 2 clients to 1 bear guide.

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Our Bear Viewing lodge sits in the heart of the world’s famous Grizzly Bear Viewing habitat know as Katmai National Park. Offering grizzly bear viewing and wildlife viewing to the grizzly (brown) bear wildlife enthusiast, professional photographer, film maker and researcher. Our bear viewing tours can show you Katmai National Park Alaska like no other. With our veteran team of Grizzly bear viewing guides and naturalists exploring the heart of Katmai National Park for over 25 years you can expect your bear viewing wilderness vacation to come to life. Let us take you into the life of the Grizzly bear, into its natural habitat, with no bear viewing platforms, no crowds and no park rangers you will see the life of the grizzly bear as it lives truly in the wild. We specialize in all types of bear viewing, wilderness adventures, wildlife photography workshops - grizzly bear film documentaries - school research trips and family vacations. With our grizzly bear viewing lodge on one of the few rivers in Alaska that all 5 species return to spawn, you’re sure to see lots of grizzly bears, boars, sows and cubs in all types of daily activities fishing, foraging, mating and frolicking all in the home of the Alaskan GRIZZLY BEAR Katmai National Park Alaska. See our Rates Page for the 2010 Bear Viewing Season.

Bear viewing adventure vacations is what we specialize in, a low impact eco friendly bear viewing adventure that builds lasting memories as well as being fun and educational. Our commitment to a high quality bear viewing photography adventure vacation starts with our client to guide ratio. The bear viewing adventure client to guide ratio at Alaska Adventures is 1 bear viewing guide and naturalist to 1- 4 guests (average 2). This small group approach to grizzly bear viewing lends itself to a minimal foot print on the bear’s natural habitat and conforms to our eco friendly low impact philosophy. Having a small group with your own personal grizzly bear viewing guide invokes a spirit of adventure while seeking out the majestic grizzly bear of Alaska. Our small group approach to grizzly bear and wildlife viewing our low client to guide ratio is not an industry standard, most bear viewing lodges and bear viewing camps have a client to guide ratio that is 2 or 3 times more than ours. This will stress not only the bears but the habitat in which the bears live. Our commitment to an educational, eco friendly, low impact and small group bear viewing adventure vacation is why we are a step above the rest.

Here we are kicking off another season of bear, wildlife viewing and photography on the Alagnak river in Katmai National Park Alaska. The most noticeable difference between the 2010 and 2009 season is the unusually high water level on the Alagnak river this year. The mountains where still covered with snow and we are not short of rain by any stretch of the imagination. This might present a problem for the bears as far as catching fish is concerned but as I notice quickly the bears learned to adapt by moving into some of the back braids where water levels are lower and fine tuned there techniques for tracking and catching salmon. By June 28th we where starting to see bears in good numbers 7 to 10 daily and on July 1st the bears where in full swing 14 to 20 where being viewed and photographed fishing. The Salmon where making there way up river to a area we call Katmai Flats around mile 45 on the Alagnak river the bears where gorging themselves on 6 to 10 pound Sockeye Salmon, that is the ones who learned to adapt, others were still having a tuff time cathing fish. We had our annual visit from a resident bear called Snaggle tooth and it was certainly refreshing to see he made it another season. Snaggle tooth is a 8 to 10 year old male with many battle related scars and atrade mark K-9 tooth that protrudes horizontally from his mouth. This season has been filled with some of the most passionate wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers I have ever had the pleasure to guide. Coming back for a second straight season is well known wildlife professional photographer Chas Glatzer. Chas's photograph of a bear charging on a creek up by Kukaklek lake made it to the cover of popular photography in March 2010. Chas runs photography workshops here at the lodge and as always his group had a grand time as they shot approximately 700 to 1000 images per day per photographer ("That's a lot of memory"). The lodge hosted 6 different countries of wildlife Photographers and enthusiasts in one week (Scottland, England, India, Austraila, South Africa and United States) this has been one of the most cultural weeks in the lodges history. We can truly say after seeing a sample of each of the photographers images everyone is going home with very unique wildlife (brown bear) Photos. From the novice photographer with a point and shoot camera to the professional with the big 500 mm lens everyone had a wonderful productive time. With such a outstanding first half of the season we look forward to a second half of even more bears as we await the arrival of the next run of Salmon (Chum Salmon). So there you have it friends lots of bears, wildlife and salmon here on the Alagnak River.

Visit: Katmai National Park, Alaska

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