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There are many types of hunting lodges with lodging from the Winnipeg River System listed on our service. Part of our list of Winnipeg River hunting lodges is below. Please search our site for more complete information.

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Winnipeg River Hunting Lodges

Big North Lodge & Outposts - Big North Lodge & Outposts offers the best black bear hunts in the Minaki area. The Minaki area of Northwestern Ontario is on the northern edge of whitetail deer range. The white-tailed deer in the area of Maynard Lake Outpost and Roger Lake Outpost. Lodge Located: Winnipeg River System, Maynard Lake, Minaki, Ontario

Eagle Nest Lodge - Our lodge is near Manitoba's eastern border, in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, and there's easy access to George, Echo and Crowduck lakes as well as miles and miles of the Winnipeg River for uncrowded hunting.


Winnipeg River System

Halleys Camps - At Halley's Hunting Camps our moose hunts are run first class manner with comfort and safety are number one. Black Bear and Wolf Hunts available along the English River System near Minaki, Ontario. Lodge Location: English River, Ontario

Trail End Camp - Trail End Camp offers exceptional opportunities for Black Bears. Whitetail Deer hunting takes place in the Whiteshell Provincial Park on the Winnipeg River System. Duck and goose hunting is available. Lodge Located: Winnipeg River System, Manitoba

Bayview Lodge - Bayview Lodge is located on the Winnipeg River System in Minaki with access to 5 fishing lakes by boat without a portage. Bayview Lodge is part of all this scenic beauty. Lodge located: Big Sand Lake, Winnipeg River System, Minaki, Ontario

KCR Camp - Far removed from civilization and surrounded by virgin lakes and forest, where the abundance fish to be found can make any sportsman's dream come true. K.C.R. is a real wilderness camp located 54 miles northwest of Kenora, Ontario on the famous Winnipeg River - where you have to ride 6 miles by boat to our island. Lodge Located: 55 miles north of Kenora, Winnipeg River system, Ontario

Winnipeg River Hunting

Pine Island Lodge - Pine Island Hunting Lodge is a steady producer of trophy Black Bear and Brown Bear year after year. Pine Island Hunting Lodge is located on the Winnipeg River System and Crowduck Lake in Manitoba.

Birch Island Resort - Located on Gunn Lake, that flows into the Winnipeg River System we are 30 miles north of Kenora, Ontario. The river system is approximately 45 miles of waterway with four other adjoining lakes and no portage is required. A five minute boat ride from our mainland base, Minaki Marina, will take you to paradise. Lodge Location: Birch Lake, Ontario

Caribou Falls Lodge - Caribou Falls Hunting Lodge rests quietly on the edge of some of the best hunting Ontario's north. First class black bear and moose hunting for first class hunters. The fabled English River System near Minaki.

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