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High Arctic Lodge
Unspoiled fish and hunting adventures in Canada's high arctic. We specialize in trophy fishing and Muskox hunts. Our luxury lodge accommodates 12 guests per week on an all inclusive American Plan.


Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides

Fishing Available:
Arctic Char, Lake Trout

Hunting Available:


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Dates Open : July through August

Lake or Area Name : Merkly Lake, Victoria Island, NWT

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Overnight flyouts to our outpost camps are included.

The Hamilton family's 43 years of Arctic Experience guarantees you a sportfishing, hunting or naturalist adventure in Canada's last frontier that is beyond your wildest dreams. High Arctic Lodge was founded by Don & Marlene Hamilton in 1971. It is now owned and operated by their son Fred, who took over in 1995.

Unspoiled trophy arctic char fishing awaits you on Victoria Island, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The mighty arctic char live in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that crisscross Victoria Island. Being a gourmets delight it has become one of the arctic anglers most sought after fish. All of these same rivers and lakes are also home to the fierce fighting lake trout. Truly a fishing experience that only the cold, pure arctic waters can provide.

The rivers flowing into Hadley Bay and Wellington Bay offer the most spectacular silver char fishing to be found anywhere. It is not uncommon to catch and release arctic char up to 25 pounds. You can imagine the battle they put up before succumbing to your determination to land them. Even the smaller char will leap and twist and run out your line a couple times. Fly fishermen also have had excellent success on these rivers.

Victoria Island is the home of many line class world records for Arctic Char and Lake Trout both all tackle and fly-fishing. In fact the rivers and lakes on Victoria Island have proven to be a fly-fishermans dream.

We are inviting you to come and enjoy the many splendors of Canada's High Arctic. Naturalists are simply amazed at the variety of flora and fauna found on Victoria Island. Ancient Inuit ruins and hunting grounds can be explored during your visit.

Our guests have returned year after year and are delighted with the individual attention and small camp atmosphere. We are very proud of the respect and reputation we have earned from our guests.

You can be assured that if you decide to join us, we will do our utmost to ensure your trip is an experience you will always remember favorably.

Guests can be heard in the evenings excitedly telling stories of cruising by the ice edge or casting into the edge and seeing hundreds of Char or Lake Trout staring out at them. This can be a common sight especially in July just after break up. Most of our Char and Lake Trout fishing is by sight in the crystal clear arctic waters. Our guests have commented on how surprised they were on the quality of our lake trout fishing. These tough fighters will give your fishing gear and arms a wonderful workout. Arctic Char or Laker sportfishing on Victoria Island is an experience that can only be enjoyed by the intrepid fishermen who join us each year.

The growth rate of arctic char and lake trout is extremely slow in the frigid waters of the Arctic. For over 30 years High Arctic Lodge has been one of the pioneers in the practice of catch & release. Our guides are trained and instructed to release if at all possible all fish caught. Lake Trout on Victoria Island usually spawn in early August and the Arctic Char spawn in late September early October once the ice has formed on the lakes.

Fly Fishing - Fly fishing has become more and more popular in the arctic. The arctic char has proven to be an exciting fish to catch on a fly. We have found that Silver with red or chartreuse streamers are the best flies for arctic char. Some of our rivers and streams are the best you can possibly get for fly fishing and hold many of the current line class records. You will have many opportunities to try your luck at catching the hard fighting Arctic Char. Imagine the thrill of having a big red Char take your line out to the end of your backing, not just once but two or three times. Our goal is to try to arrange for the opportunity for you, our guest to fly-fish a different lake, stream or river each day. Some days you will have fished three or four different hotspots. Our pilots are very good at following the Arctic Char as they move from area to area as the season progresses and will make sure you are always in the best possible spot. Using a 7 to 9 weight rod with floating line works well. When the Char are feeding on the surface black knats, woolly buggers and mosquito like flies are the answer.

Hunting - Unspoiled Muskox hunting in Canada's North. Enjoy the comforts of our modern lodge and facilities while hunting for one of the worlds most exotic animals, the prehistoric Muskox. The Inuit call the muskox, "umingmak" which roughly translated means "skin like a beard". This is an able description of this shaggy beast which is a throw-back to the ice age. The muskox is a perfect example of arctic adaptation. To help the muskox move over the soft spongy tundra in the summer it has large saucer sized hooves. On the frozen tundra they also serve as digging tools to expose lichens and small sedges covered by the winter snow. Our muskox hunt is truly a unique opportunity for the intrepid hunter. It makes an exotic trophy, and is a deliciuos gourmet delight.. Victoria Island has over 50,000 Muskox, one of highest concentrations in the world. We have a 100 % success rate on our Muskox hunts. Just recently we have been able to add Island Caribou to make for an excellent combination hunt.

Visit: Merkly Lake, Victoria Island, NWT

Arctic Char, Lake Trout, Muskox, Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides, Merkly Lake, Victoria Island, NWT , Merkly Lake, Victoria Island, NWT , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides and Muskox , Full Service, Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Guides , Unspoiled fish and hunting adventures in Canada's high arctic. We specialize in trophy fishing and Muskox hunts. Our luxury lodge accommodates 12 guests per week on an all inclusive American Plan.



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